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On March 30, 2019, Pakistani customers visited our company and visited the insulation materials. The two sides had a friendly exchange in the company meeting room. At the meeting, the customer first watched the company’s promotional video, and then both parties introduced their respective companies. After preliminary understanding, the customer affirmed the comprehensive strength of our company.

After the meeting, the company’s Pakistani staff accompanied the client to visit the company’s office building, assembly workshop, integrated workshop, research and development room, exhibition room, etc., and gave a live comment on the products of interest to customers. The customer is very satisfied with Yaan. After the visit, the customer has a deeper understanding of our company. In the subsequent exchanges, after friendly consultations, the two sides reached a further consensus on some cooperation intentions.微信图片_20190408155443微信图片_20190408155437

Post time: Apr-09-2019
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